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I'm not just the president...

Poster Child for the Easily Distractable
18 July 1979
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I'm now one-quarter century old, young as I feel and old as I am. I've got my BS in CSc. I'm an intuitive rather than analytical thinker (which some say is merely an analytical thinker too lazy to bring their analyses to a conscious level, but whatever works). I enjoy system administration because it is largely a matter of trying to figure out what someone else was thinking when they did something and making it work with everything else.

I'm moderately cynical, though I'm trying to cure that slowly but surely, save for the minimum required to live in this wacky, messed up world and keep laughing.

I'm a music addict, a caffeine addict, and a book addict. Videogames occasionally hold my attention for a time, and I've held a few nice conversations with alcohol, but can't stand parties. Groups of large people drive me nuts; I'm the kind of person that could be unutterably happy in a room with some quiet music going, my computer, and a mug of hot chocolate. Oh, and a girl. My lady reading nearby, or playing games, or napping... it's comforting to have her near.

I'm often called an Old Soul, but where it comes to people, I'm pretty darn green, which makes for some interesting conversations.